National SEO

We can help your business expand into national and international markets using the power of search engines.

Grow your business nationally or globally

If you want to get ahead of your competitors and reach new untapped markets or markets with high demand for your services or products, SEO will enable you to do so. With a carefully implemented national or international SEO strategy, depending on your goals, we can help get your business seen in the areas that you want to be.

Our national and international SEO methods

We check what other national and international leading businesses are doing online and create an average database. Using this data we can create a plan of action to get you higher rankings and more visitors from the new areas you wish to target.



Using multiple tools and manual checks, we check your website for over 40 different ranking factors. We ensure your website has a solid foundation that is free of errors, has good usability and search engines love.

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When it comes to national and international SEO, in-depth keyword research must be carried out in multiple areas. We focus on a mixture of low, medium and highly-competitive keywords for both quick wins and long-term growth.

Local SEO

Competitor Analysis

Checking the competition, we extract data to see what keywords and links they’re benefiting from. This helps us to give you an advantage and craft an SEO plan to attract visitors from across the nation and globe.



When it comes to on-page SEO for national and international websites, more content is required than a local SEO campaign. Using keyword research and competitor analysis data, we create a solid content plan from scratch while avoiding duplicate content that search engines dislike. We also focus on site loading times for users around the globe.



If you want to be a a leading high-authority website targeting national and international visitors, you too need quality links and mentions from other high-authority websites. Our team are experts in link building and find the best and relevant websites to gain links from.



We provide handy reports sent to your email every month with keyword data and traffic reports. Keeping you in the loop of exactly how your campaign is coming along. If it’s an international campaign, we provide reports of country traffic sources and which countries you would benefit from focusing more on.

Why Thinktop to help you grow?

We work with clients looking for more business locally, nationally and internationally. Using our unique process and organic SEO methods, we can increase your company’s number of clicks, visitors and sales for e-commerce websites. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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