Website Hosting and Maintenance

Let us support your business with a hosting and maintenance plan.

Secure reliable hosting for your business with support and maintenance

With online technology changing faster than ever before, it’s vital to ensure your website is up-to-date and is fast and secure for your users.

Hack attempts are now the biggest threats faced by business owners and out-of-date software and insecure hosting provides the easiest opportunities for them

Why does my website need a WordPress care plan?

You’ve invested time, effort, and money into developing your website. It’s too important to let it go to waste.

Protect your investment and revenue.

Did you know that more than 50,000 websites get hacked each day? What would you do if your website went offline for a day, a week or longer. How much would it cost you to rebuild it?

A website can be hacked and your visitors can be redirected to another site. Even worse, if your site is hacked or infected with malware, your search engine rankings and traffic may disappear.

We take steps to ensure that if your website does ever go down, we’ll get it back online as soon as possible. Ensuring your website revenue is safe.

Take the stress out of website ownership.

To make your website successful, you’ll need to set up and operate a web server, while keeping up with the latest technology. Then you need to keep track of 3rd party plug-ins and software bills, plus put in strict security measures to keep yours and your customers data safe. Then there’s the time required for making updates.

Like many of our clients, a lack of time or skills can be limiting. Let us take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your business.

Hosting and maintenance without the hassle

Once subscribed to a plan, you will get regular website health checks and updates to stop any potential issues, and if any issues do arise, because that is the nature of having an online business, our team will be on hand to fix it.

Our packages

Hosting Only

For self managed websites
£ 25 PCM
  • Secure UK-based hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Weekly backups
  • Support by email
  • Business email address

Maintenance Package 1

For small business websites
£ 59 PCM
  • Secure UK-based hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Weekly backups
  • Support by email
  • Premium plug-ins included (Worth £500+)
  • Essential software updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Domain name and email assistance
  • Up to 5 content or image changes pcm*
  • Up to 2 business email addresses

Maintenance Package 2

Ideal for eCommerce websites
£ 99 PCM
  • Secure UK-based hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Daily backups
  • Support by email
  • Premium plug-ins included (Worth £500+)
  • Essential software updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Domain name and email assistance
  • Up to 10 content or image changes pcm*
  • Up to 5 business email addresses

* Changes consist of updating images or website content. Any development work charged at a reduced hourly rate of £40 while subscribed to maintenance packages 1 or 2.

Maintenance plan FAQs

Priority support and certain benefits are exclusive to care plan clients. Any changes and updates requested by clients outside of a care plan, will be charged at an hourly rate of £50.00

Regular website maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and security. Even if you don’t make major front-end changes, the back-end undergoes significant activity to ensure proper functioning. Updates can disrupt design, leaving vulnerabilities for hackers and causing a decline in site speed. Like a car, websites require regular maintenance to address these issues. A maintenance plan ensures that your site remains up to date, optimized, and secure, enabling smooth operation.

Hosting is an optional part of our maintenance plans.

For optimal website maintenance, it is recommended to host your website on our managed server. We have observed instances where clients faced issues and incurred additional costs due to improper hosting choices.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, we prioritise using the best options available, recognising its critical importance, which is often overlooked.

If you opt to use your own hosting provider, certain security and hosting services we offer would no longer be available. Your hosting provider would then handle those aspects, or we can assist you at our standard hourly rate of £50.00

Updates can occasionally result in page layout issues or even site-wide disruptions. In such cases, we will undertake the necessary fixes at no extra cost. However, it is important to note that we do not cover bug fixes or repairs caused by updates from third-party sources.

There is no requirement for a long-term contract, and you have the flexibility to cancel the plan at any time. To initiate cancellation, a 30-day notice is required. We will assist you in setting up your site, migrating it to your preferred hosting service, and advising you on the necessary premium licenses to purchase.

If you choose to cancel your website maintenance subscription, you will lose access to our plugin license. However, you can still utilise premium plugins by purchasing them independently. Please note that we will no longer be able to provide premium services for websites that are not covered by our maintenance plans.

To ensure the safety, security, and up-to-date status of your WordPress website, we are committed to assisting you. However, before enrolling your website into one of our Care Plans, we will need to perform an audit. The audit fee is £100, covering two hours of dedicated time to address any website issues that must be resolved before joining a plan.

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