eCommerce SEO

If you’re selling products online, ranking for the right buyer-intent keywords will boost sales.

Boost your online sales with eCommerce SEO

When it comes to online shops, whether using Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or any other eCommerce software, the majority of sales should be from organic visitors that find your products using search engines. If that’s not the case, you’re missing out on sales or spending too much on other marketing methods that are less effective than SEO.

Our eCommerce SEO methods

Ecommerce SEO is different to that of a local or national SEO campaign. When payments are accepted online, it’s important to get your customer to the right pages with a quick and easy ordering system and a streamline payment process.



Online shops are notorious for many technical issues which go unseen by in-house staff but are issues for visitors and search engines. Duplicate content, keyword cannibalisation, dynamic URLs, issues with product filters, variations and previously removed or missing product links are common issues we see.

Keyword Research


Keyword research for online shops is vital to get the customer to the right category or product page depending on their search enquiry. With buyer-intent keywords, most customers are ready to buy after landing on your site that has the product they are looking for and you need to capitalise on this.

Local SEO

Competitor Analysis

Using competitor research tools that provide estimations and our own manual checks, we check out your competitors to see what keywords they are benefitting from. After discovering how people are finding their site, we come up with a strategy to put your business at the forefront.

On-page SEO


Three key pages for eCommerce sites are the category pages, product pages and supporting blog posts that promote your products. We always ask for the products that they want us to focus on. We want your business to succeed, so we focus on getting your customers to the products that make you the most profit.



Depending on the products you sell and your industry, we highlight the benefits of your products for highly-authoritative websites to pick up on and share with their audience. The type of websites that will give you a nice nudge upwards in the search engine results pages.



We provide transparent reports every month to your inbox. These let you know how your campaign is coming along, and which keywords are working and which products are being found in the searches. With eCommerce SEO you may choose to change your SEO focus based on season or stock levels for example.

How Thinktop can help your online sales

Our team have been doing this for over 15 years. As a unique team with experience in both eCommerce website design and eCommerce SEO, we’re geared up to help you drive sales. With eCommerce clients that we have helped 5x their monthly online revenue in the space of 12-months, we’re sure we can help your business. Speak to us today to see how.

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